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Cherie Bargery
There was no orange soft drink and I was dissapointed about that, however the pizza and pasta were lovely, the driver was on time and very friendly.
Jenny Poke
All our pizzas were amazing. Great crusts and chocka block with toppings, Ordered for 6.00pm and arrived on the dot Thankyou
Michael Barry
Lipari's chicken parma has got to be one of the best in Australia, absolutely delicious to the last bite. Delivery was quick and courteous, and even though the delivery driver initially forgot my frozen dessert, he returned with it only a few minutes later. Great service, great food, what more could you want?
Cherie Bargery
I love your pizzas, pastas and your service. I would love to see you do a vegan pizza however as there are some really great non-dairy cheeses available now. Just do a veg pizza with non-dairy cheese! That would make me give you a 5!
Andrea Jarosova
Fantastic pizza, we are enjoying it every time. Delivery on time. Definitely we will order again.
Noel Hynes
Best pizza so far from you guys. Cooked to perfection, and warm enough when delivered. Leftovers came up a treat for breakfast the next morning. Many thanks. You are now our official pizza supplier.
Ashlee Bowtell
The pizza is always amazing at lipari. So easy to order online especially after work on a Friday. The staff at lipari run a tight ship & we as customers appreciate it.
Noel Hynes
The best one by far. Perfectly cooked. Wonderful delivery person. Just magic. Highly recommended.
Mark Patman
Classic Pizza and Pasta. Best in the Area.
Margaret Dungan
Our pizza was hot and delicious. The base wasn't too thick, the ham seemed to be tastier, the olives larger and plenty of cheese, thank you Lipari.
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